Bespoke Baits 

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Jet Black Bait Dye



For a number of years we have searched for the Best Black Bait Dye and now we have found it. Having tried other watered down versions and burnt Aluminium Oxide powders we were totally dissatisfied with the performance of all of these, even ones from large bait companies and we were unsure of the effect they were having on our baits. We have been able to source this paste from the food industry, where it is used in the likes of cake icing (frosting). It is an insoluble black food colouring used in confectionery products, icing, baked goods and ice cream. European and Canadian authorities approve its use as a colour additive. In our first trial batch we were amazed at the black colour only 5ml per produced so we tried 2.5ml but 5ml was perfect to dye white pop up mix. (see photos but note these were overnight in a bucket of water)


We love a Black pop up or hookbait as they stand out in weed and on gravel and clay bottomed lakes.


Larger quantities are available on request.


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