Bespoke Baits 

Using nature's


Banana Splits Cocoon Pop Ups


Made from only the finest ingredients and flavours these Pop Ups come in a variety of colours based around Floro Yellow with some black stripes. Using a base Banana flavour but heavy on sweetener and added Bespoke Baits extras. These extras have been used to catch carp to 78lb3oz Available in lots of different flavours. Stock is always changing so keep an eye on the Facebook page to keep upto date. This Cocoon Pop Up has been designed with the Ronnie Rig, Chod rig or Hinge Stiff rig in mind, but can be fished as a normal pop up on your own favourite rig (e.g. KD rig of PVA Bag). This is a slightly smaller shape than our original Cocoon shape. There are approximately 40+ baits in each 150ml Tub.

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