Bespoke Baits 

Using nature's


  1. Are you looking for Bait Testers? No but we are looking for Team Member to help us promote our products.
  2. How do I become a Team Member? Purchase some of our baits, go out and catch some carp on them, then post on our page and promote on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc). Once we notice your willingness to help promote our products you will be invited to become a team member.
  3. What are the benefits of being a Team Member? Team members receive discount on all Bespoke Baits products. You receive samples of new products with each order you place. You can have your own bait ideas manufactured. (e.g. Blue Cocoon Pop Up's in Hot Dog and Orange Flavour)  
  4. How much is the postage? Postage is via Royal Mail Small Package and cost £3.3 for up to 1KG
  5. How many baits?  Cocoons 150ml jar 45+ baits. Mini Cocoons 125ml jar 60+ baits. Grubs will depend on type but we fill a 150ml jar
  6.  What are the baits made out of? Our baits are made from normal PopUp  and Boilie mixes or a combination of both.
  7.  What is the best way to attach your baits? We recommend that you use a ESP Green Baiting needle. It comes in a set with a drill and has a green handle. There are lots of pictures of this needle on our site. Take your time, start by removing any Manufacturing Pip that might be there. This is a good target to insert the needle as it is the centre of the bait. Push the needle into the bait a couple of millimetre then turn the bait and needle checking that the needle has entered straight. If it has push it in a little further and re check its straight. if it is straight slowly push the needle through with a little twist as you go. Take care as you exit slowly does it.
  8.  How long will the baits last once open? Kept dry, cool and out of direct sunlight your baits will last indefinitely but as with all food based bait they will deteriorate over time.
  9.  Can I buy large quantities to use as free offerings? Due to the complex process of manufacture we are unable to supply large quantities but we are working towards mass manufacture of our shapes but everything has a price.