Bespoke Baits 

Using nature's



Designed as an alternative to a round  bottom bait. It's segmented shape appearing more nature to wary carp.

Wide range of colours and basemixes .

Barrel Grubs

Designed to be used over a bed of bait.

An alternative to corn tipped bottom baits.

A shape carp haven't seen before, yet it has a flash of colour with a pop up stripe reducing it's weight. Flavours and colours always changing.

Cocoon Pop Ups

Designed with the Stiff Hinge Rig, Multi Rig or Chod  in mind. Available in Pop up

Wide range of colours and flavours but always changing

Mini Cocoon Pop Ups

Designed to be used on small pop up rigs, in solid bags, on a zig rig or as a floater bait.

Available in Pop Up and occasionally as lightened hookbaits.

Wide range of colours and flavours.

Lightened Hookbaits

Similar to a wafter these baits are a lot lighter than standard boilies but still have enough weight to lie on the lake bed showing of its unique natural appearance. Availasble in lots of different flavours.

Striped Caterpillar Slugs (SCS's)

Designed to be the ultimate Stalking/Margin bait. These baits are made from top quality basemixes and coloured to resemble a slug or a caterpillar. Every tackle bag should contain a pot of these baits.